Construction of Prague´s Velká Chuchle new city center

We are delimoting a new square on the premises of a former farm beyond the brook. The square will be defined by three new buildings that will enclose it and give it a clear shape and character. At the same time, we are strengthening the northern border of the square (Náměstí chuchelských bojovníků) in place of the existing grocery store. 

Authors:  Pavel Hnilička, Daniela Šteflová, Eva Langerová
Client: Prague City District – Velká Chuchle
Area: 1,3 ha
Project:  Competition proposal 2010

Instead of one large space we chose to build three separate buildings with more human dimensions that respect the existing bonds, thereby adhering to the ideas of Camillo Sitte. We focus on the public space as the „living room of the city“, creating its borders and searching for the right proportions between its width and length.

According to Ch. N. Schulz a place is defined not only byits three-dimensional quality but also by its character. We define the latter by placing the public services and shops to the ground floors of the neighbouring buildings and situating the other system of roads and a good central position guarantee that the vision of the new city centre will be fulfilled.

(Česky) Bohatý program veřejných služeb v podobě městského sálu, knihovny, lékařských ordinací, kluboven, pošty, restaurace a mnoha obchodů je spolu s návazností na systém cest a dobrou centrální polohou zárukou, že vize nového městského centra dojde svého naplnění.