Myšlín gardens obtained a building permit!

May 2023

We are very happy that we managed to obtain a building permit for the beautiful Myšlín Gardens project. The first “farmhouse” according to our proposal will include a guest house with a restaurant, a multi-purpose hall for social and cultural events with a view of the gardens, and workshops where the herbs and crops grown on the site will be processed. The layout of the farmhouse itself follows a traditional typology with a dominant front facade and a large entrance gate with a massive central tree in the yard.

Other small buildings in the area are already under construction. For example, there is a tea house just before completion. Soon it will be joined by a herb drying room or a house for practicing yoga. The main idea and the overall concept of the project is the connection to the genia loci and the effort to preserve all parts of the area in mutual symbiosis and respect.

More about this project here