Our design for České Budějovice´s square takes the 1st place!

July 2022

We won the competition for the new look of Senovážné náměstí in České Budějovice!

Senovážné náměstí/square is an important space on the edge of the historic center of České Budějovice (Budweis). Six months ago, an architectural competition started looking for its future form. We are now pleased to announce that the jury awarded our proposal with the first prize. What ideas have we built into the winning concept?

We perceive Senovážné náměstí above all as part of the “wall ring” around the historic center. We build on the existing Na Sadech park and propose an environment full of trees with a spacious lawn in front of the South Bohemian Museum building. Under the lawn an underground parking lot for more than 200 cars is proposed, which will replace the current surface parking lot.

“Mlýnská stoka/The Mill Creek” – for many years just an underground and covered stream circling the historic center – will be reopened and will become a full-fledged, accessible part of the public space. Adjacent to the creek drive there is the paved part of the square and the area for the future building of the Alšova South Bohemian Gallery. Before the gallery can be realized, a lively city market can be created here, for example.

We aim for an environment that is friendly to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, an environment that is functional, universal and generally pleasant to stay in.

We will soon present the design to you in detail on the website of our studio. We are very happy with the result and look forward to further work on this exceptional project.

For the author team
Pavel Hnilička
Antonín Topinka
Jan Pačka
Josef Filip – transport solutions
Magdaléna Myšková Kaščáková – landscape architect
Marie Záhorová
Terezia Mervartová
and more