The design for the new Krumlov center takes 2nd place!

June 2023

The town of Český Krumlov has oganized an urban planning competition for a new local town center with a meaningful range of services and usable spaces for citizens, which the historic center is unable to offer. Our design ended up winning a great 2nd place!

“The scale of the new centre draws inspiration from the “old” town and connects the solitary buildings into a diverse urban structure. The clearly defined edges around the new square create a dignified space worthy
of the size of the town. The attractiveness of public spaces and the lively ground floor of the buildings encourage the locals and passersby to stay and linger both during ordinary days as well as while enjoying festive events and markets. The four newly proposed parks will provide a place to relax for town´s residents and its visitors alike. The abundance of trees and greenery within the public spaces will create pleasant
shade during the summer months and will have a positive effect on air quality. All this with the ubiquitous visual connection to the historic skyline of Český Krumlov – a legacy left for us by past generations”.