A Kuřim neighbourhood area urban study

“Behind St.John’s” is a single-use residential neighbourhood from the 1990s. The development was built spontaneously, without any urban-planning considerations. 

Authors:  Pavel Hnilička, Marek Řehoř
Client:  town Kuřim
Project: 2009
Area: 6,8 ha

The pavements are too narrow, the public space lacks greenery. The urbanistic study proposes improvements to the problematic neighbourhood at the outskirts of Kuřim. The proposal aims to:

(1) improve the existing urban structure, as well as the connection with the town

(2) create large public spaces and a green belt-way and to improve the neighbourhood's environmental qualities. We propose to add a new square and public parks within the neighbourhood, create a clear hierarchy of the streets and improve the orientation. Moreover, we suggest the creation of a green belt-way as a protection from the proposed by-pass highway,

(3) to clearly define the boundary between the town and the surrounding landscape, including the specification of the town's future development area.