Villa in Prague – Ruzyně

The proposed house is situated in a residential district in Ruzyně and Liboc. The U-letter ground plan encircles the outer terrace, which offers leisure space with high level od privacy. The house oversees the garden and Hvězda game reserve, which is located in its close vicinity.

Author:  Pavel Hnilička,  Marek Řehoř
Co-authors:  Daniela Šteflová, Adam Vojtek
Client: private person
Project:  2013
Realization:  2014
Contractor: Domec, s. r. o.
Built-up area: 203 m²
Gross floor area: 492 m²
Net floor area: 356 m²
Enclosed volume: 1 550 m³
Photographer: Lukáš Žentel

The house resembling a non-rectangular crystal in the greenery of a garden has two floors, a partial basement, flat roofs and a roof extension. The central role is played by the living room on the ground floor, which connects the front and back garden with large windows. There is also a kitchen with a dining area and a parents' room on this floor.

The first floor is reserved for children. Their rooms have access to the roof terrace. A distinctive material solution of the interior, the use of exposed concrete in combination with oak wood, makes the natural beauty of the material stand out.