Dobřichovice Theatre

Our aim is to rebuild a former farmestead, curently used as a community centre, into a multi-purpose cultural centre. The building has a convenient location in the centre of Dobřichovice on the edge of a vast leisure park.

Author:  Pavel Hnilička
Co-operation: Jana Kafková, Marek Řehoř, Martina Donátová
Client:  Město Dobřichovice
Project:  2014
Built-up area: 461 m²
Gross floor area: 569 m²
Net floor area: 426 m²
Enclosed volume: 2 720 m³

The original building consists of a former single-storey community centre with gable roof, an annex in its northern part housing sanitary facility, and a farm building with a cellar situated across the yard.

Our project adds a new northern wing which contains a hall with technical facilities, storerooms and dressing rooms. The western part will be extended by a café and sanitary facilities for the whole building.The proposed building maintains the urban concept of a rural house yard enclosed from three sides, using the existing gateway in the south.