Nuselský pivovar

Our project opens up the brewery premises and incorporates them into the urban fabric. We propose a new street, serving as a backbone of the area, connecting it to the surroundings and defining new blocks. Hostivítova Street is lined with tiny public spaces, creating a series of diverse atmospheres and characters.

Authors: Pavel Hnilička
Co-operation:  Jana Kafková, Jakub Hoffmann, Ondřej Smetana
Project: urban planning competition
Area: 2,9 ha
Project:  2017

The ground floor of the brewery should house services facilitating life in the public space. The open space of Pivovarnické square should host more lively facilities, such as shops, restaurants and office entrances.

On the other hand, the newly created yard in the western part of the area should house cultural amenities, such as a concert hall, an exhibition hall or smaller restaurants and cafés, in order to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The brewery premises will therefore become a pleasant place for living.