Reconstruction of a house in Prague – Dejvice

The project addresses overall renovation of a 1930s house – one of eight single-family houses of the Engineers‘ Cooperative in Dejvice. The houses were built in the spirit of Bauhaus Functionalism according to a standard design. Nonetheless, this particular corner house was from the outset built as atypical. 

Authors:  Pavel Hnilička, Marek Řehoř, Daniela Šteflová
Client: private person
Contactor: Jaroslav Futera – TIPS
Project:  2009
Realizace: 2010–2011
Built-up area: 130,5 m²
Gross floor area:  397,7 m²
Net area:  304 m²
Built-up volume:  1 261 m³
Photographer: Vasil Stanko

The proposed alterations consist primarily in adapting the internal layout of the house to the needs of its current users and in overall modernization of the building‘s internal equipment including the thermal insulation. The functionalist appearance of the house will be purged of later alterations and appropriately supplemented with new elements.

The existing house is surrounded by full-grown garden with trees, which will be maintained and complemented by new erraces adjacent to the southern side of the house. A new fence will be built along the street to replace the existing unsuitable fence of wood and brick pillars.