Urban plan of Mnichovice

The little town of Mnichovice is situated in a beautiful landscape, which served as a model for the painter and writer Josef Lada.  However, the original poetics of the place is irrevocably disappearing due to the close proximity to Prague and the D1 motorway.

Authors:  Pavel Hnilička
Co-operation:  Marek Řehoř, Veronika Šindlerová, Daniela Šteflová, Ida Čapounová
Client:  town Mnichovice
Traffic: Jiří Tomášek
City engineering:  Jitka Thomasová
Landscape conditions: Jan Šteflíček
Area: 831 ha
Population: 2 960
Projekt: 2014 (proposal)

Some 3,000 permanent residents are joined by more than 3,500 holidaymakers during the summers. The recent housing development often spreads chaotically and  without any concept taking up the agricultural land. The street plan is chaotic with a number of dead-ends.

We propose to orient the development of the town inwards to utilize its opportunities. We believe it is crucial to enforce the different character of indivual parts of the town – Mnichovice, Božkov and Myšlín – and to create a readable structure of the individual parts of the settlement: each location has its centre of gravity, with peripheries related to it. Our urban conception avoids further area expansion and building over the open landscape. We propose a compact and green town, emphasizing quality of public spaces.