Urban plan of Řevnice

The central concept of the territorial plan can be summed up in three major themes:

1. Řevnice as a garden city
The mansion districts built during the beginning of twentieth century,  provide a pleasant place to live, with their well-designed network of public spaces. The terriorial plan supports and protects the existent character of a garden city. New development in the area is to correspond to this character and with newly created public spaces the emphasis is put on hospitality and permeability.

Authors:  Pavel Hnilička, Lucie Leňo Cutáková
Co-operation:  Jana Kafková
Client: town Řevnice
Traffic:  Ing. Josef Filip
City engineering: Ing. Petr Hrdlička
Landscape conditions: Ing. Jan Dřevíkovský
Area: 10,14 km²
No. of inhabitants: 3 366

2. Řevnice as a gateway to Brdy Mountains
The town's development reaches all the way to the edge of the Brdy forests. Their green horizon is visible from major part of town and completes its the distinct atmosphere. The forest offers a great potential for relaxation of both the locals and turists. The territorial plan protects the forests and the surrounding landscape to the greatest possible extent. But the forests' vicinity also brings a problem of rainwater flowing down during rainstorms. The territorial plan puts in place a system of ditches, which will seize and carry the rainwater into existent streams.

3. Řevnice as a green city
There is a variety of green spaces in the urbanized area of the city - such as parks, sports grounds or unpaved parts of public spaces. The terriorial plan aims to protect,  and possibly recultivate these places. Many of these are found in the city centre and should therefore be appropriately representative. E.g. Jiřího z Poděbrad square or the area near the chateau. In the Za Vodou area the territorial plan intends to develop sport facilities and a new relaxation meadow.