Urban study of Humpolec

U Závodiště locality

Buildable areas are situated next to the existing family houses in Arbesova Street. 

Author:  Pavel Hnilička
Co-authors:  Lucie Leňo Cutáková, Karolína Dvořáková, Lenka Tomášová
Client:  town Humpolec
Transportation:  Josef Filip
Technical infrastructure: Petr Hrdlička
Landscaping: Steiner a Malíková krajinářští architekti
Area in development: 31,7 ha
Project: 2017

The plotting and the location of the houses and public areas are limited by the placement of the sewage pipes. Moving the existing pipes would far exceed the value of the obtained area. The access to the area is an extension of Luční Street. We designed one block of buildings surrounded by a circular road. There is also a green area with trees linked to the gardens of the existing houses.

The eastern part is connected with Luční Street by a new road. The new street runs along the back gardens of the existing houses and serves two newly designed houses on Lužická Street. In the future, it can also serve as an access to the back gardens and can be used for future housing development. Along the street runs a cycling path lined with trees. The alley runs along the buildings and creates a soft curve on the edge of the town and the landscape.

Spojovací locality The basic axis of the newly arranged space is the connection between Litochleby and Lužická Streets. From here we propose a regular grid of streets defining plots of land intended for construction purposes.  The proposed plots are small and economical. The houses are located in the corner of the plots to make the best use of the gardens.  Construction of family houses is divided into two stages. The first one can start immediately, while the other depends on a change in the urban plan.

Along Lužická Street there is a larger space for shops, services, warehouses, production and so on. At the back of these compounds there is an area where construction is not permitted due to the proximity of the Pstružný stream. There used to be an alluvial meadow in the past which was destroyed by insensitive changes to the terrain.  Larger buildings with shops and services are also located by the access point to the residential area near Lužická Street.