Urban Sprawl II

Following the success of the first edition, the second and extended edition of the book The Urban Sprawl II: Questions on the Suburban Construction of Colonies of Family Homes has been issued.

Author: Pavel Hnilička
Year of publication: 2012
Publisher: HOST
ISBN: 978-80-7294-592-4

Density and economics of cities

The book compares the relationship between population density and public infrastructure costs based on specific examples. The aim of the publication was to create a basis for qualified decision-making of the responsible self-government on the development of its territory. Responsible state administration and urban planners will certainly find further use as well.

Author: Tomáš Hudeček, Martin Dlouhý, Pavel Hnilička, Lucie Leňo Cutáková, Michal Leňo
Year of publication: 2018
Publisher: ČVUT, IPR, Pavel Hnilička Architekti
ISBN: 978-80-8793-175-2

Prague building regulations 2018

The Prague Building Regulations (PSP) bring the standard of building regulation in Prague closer to developed European cities. Newly, the Prague Building Regulations elaborate and supplement especially urban relations, which have been neglected so far.

Authors: Pavel Hnilička, Eva Faltusová, František Korbel, Renáta Pintová Králová a další
Year of publication: 2018
Publisher: IPR Prague
ISBN: 978-80-87931-88-2

Gestaltung des suburbanen Lebensraumes

Hnilička Pavel, Gestaltung des suburbanen Lebensraumes: Fragen zum Aufbau der Eigenheime, Zürich, 2003

Author: Pavel Hnilička
Year of publication: 2003
Publisher: ETH

Czech and Slovak Architecture 1971 – 2011

Published by: The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Research Institute in 2013, in cooperation with the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, the Research and Development Department and The Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Research Center, 2013

Authors: Jiří Ševčík, Monika Mitášová
Year of publication: 2013
Publisher: The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and co.

Imprints of Communism

Imprints of Communism: Jiří Přibáň, Zdeněk Vašíček, Michal Semín, Michaela Freiová, Jindřich Vybíral, Václav Cílek, Stanislav Komárek, Pavel Hnilička, František Stellner

Author: Tomáš Bojar
Year of publication: 2009
Publisher: Mitte Studio
Chapter: Images of Town and Country Shaped According to Images of Power (Pavel Hnilička, page 108)
ISBN: 978-80-2543-586-1


The presented book Sub Urbs: Landscape, Settlements and People is devoted to the phenomena and processes that are currently taking place outside the city or in its close vicinity (sub urbs).

Author: Martin Ouředníček, Petra Špačková, Jakub Novák
Year of publication: 2013
Publisher: Academia
Chapter: 11. Public spaces during the expansion of the urban sprawl (Pavel Hnilička)
ISBN: 978-80-2002-226-4


Proceedings of the conference held on 20-21. October 2008 in Prague and Průhonice

Authors: Václav Petříček, Ivan Plicka, Jiří Plos
Year of publication: 2008
Publisher: Jaroslav Bárta Studio JB for Společnost pro krajinu

Czech architecture yearbook 2009 -2010

The Yearbook of Czech Architecture regularly informs not only the professional but also the general public about the current situation in the field and brings stimuli for inspiration and public discussion.

Author: Pavel Hnilička
Year of publication: 2010
Publisher: Prostor-architektura, interiér, design, o.p.s.