July 13, 2021

CAMP: One scale higher. A house should not stand with its back to the street, says architect and urban planner Pavel Hnilička (available in Czech)

Architecture is often talked about. Not so much urbanism. At the same time, we all agree that it is necessary. Reasonable planning is the basis. Why is it better when a house is not a solitaire, but a part of the city? An interview with architect and urban planner Pavel Hnilička is answering this and many other interesting questions.


May 1, 2021

E15: Architect and urban planner Pavel Hnilička: People will not leave the city. They are drawn there by social closeness (available in Czech)

Have attractive new neighborhoods only been emerging abroad so far? Was Charles IV the best Czech "developer"? How big of a challenge it is to design a brand new town? You will learn this and much more in an extensive interview with architect Pavel Hnilička, which you can read in the May issue of Deník E15


September 23, 2019

Czech Radio: Prague does not need another isolated island (available in Czech)

Is Prague´s Letňany the place to build a government district project according to Prime Minister Babiš's wishes? Here is Pavel Hnilička´s opinion.


September 12, 2018

Czech Radio: Vision of the construction of Czech cities (available in Czech)

According to what visions are Czech cities built? And how does population density affect the city's economy? Interview on the book Density and Economy of Cities with David Šťáhlavský for Czech Radio Plus


March 4, 2015

Radio Wave: Demolition with architect Pavel Hnilička on Prague building regulations (available in Czech)

The guest of the 158th epizode is architect Pavel Hnilička. He was a guest of Bourání five years ago, when we talked about his studies, publishing activities and, above all, his own architectural practice. This time the reason for our conversation was different.


September 30, 2014

Radiožurnál: New Prague Building Regulations (available in Czech)

Will there be skyscrapers in the center of Prague and are the new regulations helping developers? The guest of Twenty Minutes of Radiožurnál is the guarantor of the Prague building regulations and the 1st Vice-Chairman of the Czech Chamber of Architects Pavel Hnilička.


September 1, 2014

Czech Radio Plus: Urban Sprawl (available in Czech)

On the outskirts of cities we find both rich suburbs and rather cut-off, sometimes even segregated neighborhoods, where people go at best only to sleep. Interview of Daniela Vrbová with architect Pavel Hnilička


August 9, 2014

Trend: Suburbs? People have recovered late (available in Slovak)

The landscape around today's cities is gradually and uncompromisingly flooded with a kind of sparse soup of suburban buildings. Boring gray areas without life are increasing, which are neither a town nor a country nor a village, writes the Czech architect and urban planner Pavel Hnilička in the book Sídelní kaše (Urban Sprawl).


September 22, 2009

Radio Wave: Demolition with Pavel Hnilička (available in Czech)

In the 31st epizode of Demolition (Bourání), the architect Pavel Hnilička, the co-owner of the hcA office - or Hnilička & Císler architects - performed. We talked about his studies at ETH Zurich, the architect Dietmar Eberle and their subsequent collaboration.


April 27, 2009

MF DNES: People will start returning to cities from suburbs, says the architect (available in Czech)

"The generation that is now growing up in the suburbs will want to move back to the cities," says architect Pavel Hnilička. The growing population of suburban areas was a topic in his publication Sídelní kaše (Urban Sprawl) where he points out the natural way of development, which does not bring any quality conditions for life.


September 18, 2008

HN: My table, my castle: Why not ?! (available in Czech)

We spend most of our productive lives working (we sleep the next big part), so we were interested in how people adapt their workspace and how work shapes their personality. Nowhere else are these processes reflected better than on the desktop. We therefore went to see the successful young architect Pavel Hnilička and checked his workplace.


August 30, 2008

Bydlení iDNES: Cities should be thickened, says the author of the terrace house (available in Czech)

Architect Pavel Hnilička is known for his criticism of the expansion of cities into the landscape. He summarized his views in a book called Sídelní kaše (Urban sprawl). "If one had to choose the motto of today, it is the thickening and mixing of functions. That should be the case today," he thinks of building in cities.


March 3, 2008

Radio Prague International: Pavel Hnilička – on urban sprawl in the Czech Republic (available in English)

“Urban sprawl has just started in our country, it of course does not have such a scale as in the US, this is something that can’t really be compared. But we can see some similarities"